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Blinder is an extremely concentrated water based paint for grass marking and is suitable for spray or wheel-to-wheel machines.

The dilution range is from 6:1 up to 14:1 Supplied in 10 buckets. 

  • Available In White and Black.
  • Designed For Grass Surfaces. 
  • Spray and wheel-to-wheel Application.
  • Dilution Rate: 6:1 to 14:1.

Blinder outshines every other product with Its massive dilution range from 6 parts water to 1 Blinder up to 14 parts water to 1 part Blinder.

Ideally suited for spraying with the Kombi, Blinder can also be used for transfer wheel marking. The product is used at all levels from grass roots to professional stadia, along with schools, universities, local authorities etc. At 10:1 dilution this paint has a quality finish that has out performed all competitors concentrates tested in the Fleet laboratories and in the field. Supplied in 10 litre buckets.

Dilution Details:

Blinder is dilutable from 6 parts water to 1 part paint up to 14 parts water to 1 part paint. As with our other concentrated paints, Blinder disperses easily when added to water in the Kombi saving time and potential problems over mixing.

Fleet Recommend:

Initial Mark: Up to 6 parts water to 1 part Blinder.
Overmark: Up to 14 parts water to 1 part Blinder.

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  • Blinder Grass Marking Paint
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