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BeamRider SX

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The BeamRider laser line marking system has been developed to raise and establish the standards with line marking traditions by introducing 21st century technology and precision to sports turf line marking procedures.

This new technique will make the procedure required for line marking operations simple and easy to execute for everyone. The system combines the latest laser technology with digital recognition software and will produce perfectly straight lines time after time.

It is thought that this new technique will revolutionise current initial and over-marking procedures for sports surfaces (of all types) throughout the world.

BeamRider SX comprises of:

  • 2x laser transmitters and telescopes (1 x 90° and 1 x single laser unit)
  • 1x Fully protective carry case for transmitters
  • 2x Reflector plates
  • 2x Transmitter base plates
  • 1x Battery charger for transmitters
  • 1x Actuator unit (receiving and tracking arm)
  • 1x Knib (paint nozzle and guidance assembly)
  • 1x Instruction manual for laser system
  • 1 year manufacturers warranty
Kombi line marker not included
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Fleet Beamrider

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