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Research and Development

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Research and development are the cornerstones of our philosophy and once again Fleet is at the forefront of field marking evolution. We are continuing our investment into paint technology with the arrival of our new high shear mixer.

The mixer, with its precision-engineered workhead, far outperforms conventional mixers by cutting processing times by up to 90%, improving quality, product consistency and process efficiency. It creates a finer grind and smaller particle size. The paint will mix and go through marking machines easier than the traditional high-speed mixer we have previously used.

With the rollout of new Kombi3 & Kombi Orange machines in the last 24 months, some of you will have noticed the new pump pressure gauge on your Kombi. This allows you to mark your fields at 60psi or go down as low as 18psi. Traditionally we recommend the blue nozzle for the Kombi walk behind machines, however with the new grind quality you will be able to go to the green or the orange nozzle and mark your field with less paint and at a lower pressure setting. Currently, the gauge is located under the bonnet and this is altered by the user as desired. The new machines coming out in the next 12 months will have the control at your fingertips with the stop/start switch on the handlebars.

All of Fleet’s machines will be fully compatible with our Ready for Use paints. As a Fleet client you will have the choice to stay with dilutable paints or go the way of Ready for Use. Also watch out for the new Kombi……… (whoops, that’s a secret!).

Are you ready? Because we are.

Patent News

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Fleet and BeamRider are the most technically advanced innovative companies in line marking, who manufacture and supply laser guided line markers and GNSS guided line markers.

We are very proud to have many patents granted and more in the process of being granted.

BeamRider hold a granted EP Patent No. EP3045998 for the actuating marking arm.

Swozi AG has challenged the validity of this patent and this will be debated at an EPO (European Patent Office) hearing.

BeamRider have been advised that this is a particularly strong patent and expect it will be upheld.

We take our patents very seriously and because of the revenue received directly and indirectly from them means that the Fleet and BeamRider product range, including paints, are continually making the Grounds person’s job easier, more cost effective, as well as improving quality.

Lab Advancement

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The year has started with an exciting buzz after delivery of the first two spectrometers, one located in our UK laboratory and the other destined for our labs in Asia. These give us the ability to monitor at “element level” all raw materials as well as quality control what we produce and ship as finished Fleet product.

3 new paint mixers have also been ordered and are due for delivery in March. These will increase the output and variety of products Fleet can produce.

Iain McGuffie stated “I believe this maintains Fleet as having the largest manufacturing capability and most bought product in the European sports line marking paint market by far. If you include the Fleet America and Fleet NZ manufacturing operations, this makes Fleet the brand of choice world wide”.

What does this mean for the customer? It means that Fleet manufactures the best available products at the best price, and does it cleanly, as Fleet always looks after the environment.

Tag Heuer Stencil

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Fleet Australasia have been heavily involved with helping Tag Heuer create a one off piece to welcome Cristiano Ronaldo to Melbourne.

The stencil is 75m wide and over 55m tall which is a tall order to plot out let alone mark. The handful of experts on hand used an impressive 1900 ltrs of Fleet paint and 4 Kombi line markers in order to get the job done in a record 312 hours. Great work everyone!

Smart Energy TV Advert

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We wouldn’t estimate the lines on a rugby pitch!

This is the tagline Smart Energy GB decided to run with to broadcast the national roll out of smart meters in the UK. To coincide with the hard hitting statement they also produced a comical TV ad campaign which included the one and only Kombi line marker. The advert clearly shows off the Kombi’s game changing line definition, style and ease of use.

The Manchester News ran an online story about the advert which got people all over the UK thinking it was a little more than a great marketing idea. “Chancer who blagged groundsman job with fake CV rumbled on first day after he’s asked to paint pitch...on TV!”

You can read the full story by clicking the link below.